Low Price Guarantee


Dear Customers,
We offer a simple and convenient way of payment:
1. Payment by card
2. Transfer
3. Installment
4. Payment to the store

Payment card online

• Before the settlement is necessary:
• When preparing the order, select "Payment Online Online", after which you will be able to pay your card on the payment page, after you fill in the relevant fields.



Transfer (with invoice in bank)



• Dear Customer If you want to use the Bank Transfer Service and buy this item, you must forward our sales manager to: m.shergelashvili@geosmiley.ge and request an electronic invoice to transfer the money to the bank's bank details.






We are avoiding the following bank services:
• TBC Bank
• Credo Bank
Dear Customer You can use Bank Installment Online without leaving home!
For this you need to place the desired product (s) in the basket, pass a simple order form, and then select the preferred bank service in payment methods. After that you continue to pay the bank's installment. In case of a positive answer, we will take you home to the desired item!



  Payment to the store

• You can order products / reserve on the site, then go to the store and pay the spot.
• The reserve retains 2 working days
• Before you get to the site, you should talk to the operator and specify which branches are ordered.